As we all settle in to the sunshine, many visitors need to be aware of your children , make sure there is a base where your children can go to if they get lost i.e. a landmark also make them aware of local hotspot locations before you set up your day on the beach .

Litter ! It’s your litter please bag it and bin it.

Blackpool’s Volunteer clean up team do not get paid for picking up your rubbish so please keep Blackpool tidy.

Keep hydrated buy an extra bottle of water and take something with you to use as shade like a blanket or towel .

Dogs poo anywhere so pls pick up your dogs waste Bag And Bin it .

BE PATIANT , we are a tourist resort and that means queuing ! so suck it up and be patient.

remember to pick up your click2 card from your hotel or BnB for your Blackpool discount .

Lost children can now go to 34b station rd Blackpool and we will guide you in the right direction.